How It Works

Get the lights on fastGetting electricity has never been easier.  With Fast Prepaid Electricity, there are NO CREDIT CHECKS and NO DEPOSITS.  With a simple phone call, you can have electricity turned on within two hours.

Unlike other utility companies, we work with you to find the best electricity option for your specific situation.  If money is tight for you at the moment, we can provide payment solutions to help you make it through the tough times.

With prepaid electricity, you “pay as you go.”  You put money into your account, and then as you use electricity, the charges are automatically deducted from your balance.  You can then add more money into your account whenever you want.  You can get started with as little as $50, and don’t forget the additional $100 FREE ELECTRICITY you get on top of that!

Compare that with the other electric companies that demand hundreds of dollars up front – none of which goes towards your electricity!  It’s held by the company as a deposit, and you may never get it back.

Keep your money working for you!  Fast Prepaid Electricity is the smart choice.

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