Texas Can Cut Power Demand By 50 percent According to New Report

smart meter texasFindings of a study commissioned by the Texas Clean Energy Coalition were recently released. The report stated that Texas can slash power demand by 50 percent by implementing new energy efficiency and demand response programs. The new demand response programs could cap the use of power during peak times. If the new measures are implemented, it could lower electric bills and possibly eliminate the need to build more generating capacity.

Included in Demand Response Programs are agreements with electricity consumers to curtail their energy use during peak hours. This is usually done in exchange for price breaks or lower rates. Energy Efficiency would include measures such as upgrading to more efficient lighting and air conditioners.

The report also included projections on energy efficiency initiatives. It was projected that the state could experience a 4 percent drop of carbon emissions by 2032 with the implementation of demand response and consumer energy efficiency programs.

Texas Is Asking Homeowners To Pitch In

conserve energyThe Texas Public Utilities Commission is asking homeowners to pitch in to help control the costs of home energy.  While the commission knows what utility companies are doing to put out energy, they feel that customers must be sure to take steps at home to cut down on the home heating costs in the state.  Energy markets are driven by demand, and if homeowners were to demand too much power, the grid would crash.

The commission is offering to give homeowners weather audits, weatherization tips, and other services to ensure that energy usage is not too high.  The commission also notes that homeowners can still put weatherstripping around their windows and doors as well as setting their thermostat to a consistent and moderate temperature.

The commission hopes that tips such as replacing furnace filters and turning down hot water heaters will help homeowners save money, conserve energy and keep the Texas power grid safe from overuse.