How to Sign Up for Month to Month Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid electricity plans are suited for a wide range of people. Prepaid or pay-as-you-go plans are an excellent alternative for people that move a lot or college students and renters. If you’ve been denied a long-term contract because of your lack of credit or credit history, you can still get the lights turned on. Same thing if you don’t have a social security number or you don’t want to sign any long-term contracts.

Is prepaid electricity a good deal?

It’s time to take control of your energy bill. There are some advantages to going with a long-term contract, but maybe they’re not the right advantages for you. For instance, they offer low kWh prices and allow you to lock in fixed electricity rates. While prepaid electricity energy plans are slightly higher than long-term contracts, they offer different advantages, like letting you decide how you want to pay for your power. There are no contracts, so you’re not obligated to stick to the term, which can be helpful if you’re going to give prepaid electricity a shot. Plus, since you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract, there are no stiff penalties for breaking a contract.

With traditional plans, you pay your bill at the end of a billing period. With a no deposit plan, you can purchase energy up-front, like you would with a prepaid cell phone. Don’t have a solid credit record? No problem! You can avoid a credit check. Though no deposit plans may require a minimum purchase, the money becomes energy you can use. Flexibility is an attractive option for many Texas power consumers. So, rather than making one payment per billing period, pay-as-you-go plans allow you to make small or large purchases, and as often you’d like.

Not having to pay a hefty up-front fee is an advantage of choosing prepaid electricity in Dallas. There are other pluses too. For instance, thanks to smart meters, you can efficiently manage your account using your smartphone. There are apps available that will send notifications when your balance is low. This way, you can purchase more kilowatt-hours before your balance is at zero hours. Tracking your energy consumption can help you smartly manage your habits and consume less energy. You can even implement energy-saving measures that can help you save more. And you can enjoy the convenience of making an affordable payment by phone or email. Do you have a hard time budgeting for energy use? Many customers on a month to month electricity plan feel that it’s easier to meet a specific energy budget.

Prepaid electricity Texas

You can choose from a variety of electricity plans. They’re perfect for people who want to avoid a credit check, can’t afford a deposit or enjoy the flexibility of power on the go. Are you moving or in between housing? If so, you can select a month to month plan that allows you to pay as you go. And there is no credit check or deposit required.

Are you a military service member? You’ll find three and four months plans that offer a military discount. These term plans need a credit check, but you can lock in a cheap electricity rate for 3 to 4 months. Renters may like a 6-month program which allows you to lock in a low electricity rate for half a year. There are great plans for college students that go to school for nine months. While homeowners can lock in a low price for 18 months with a variety of options. You’ll find plans that offer incentives such as energy bill credits, gift cards and apps that make it a breeze to track your energy usage. The choice is yours.

Texas Can Cut Power Demand By 50 percent According to New Report

smart meter texasFindings of a study commissioned by the Texas Clean Energy Coalition were recently released. The report stated that Texas can slash power demand by 50 percent by implementing new energy efficiency and demand response programs. The new demand response programs could cap the use of power during peak times. If the new measures are implemented, it could lower electric bills and possibly eliminate the need to build more generating capacity.

Included in Demand Response Programs are agreements with electricity consumers to curtail their energy use during peak hours. This is usually done in exchange for price breaks or lower rates. Energy Efficiency would include measures such as upgrading to more efficient lighting and air conditioners.

The report also included projections on energy efficiency initiatives. It was projected that the state could experience a 4 percent drop of carbon emissions by 2032 with the implementation of demand response and consumer energy efficiency programs.

The Cold Causes Concerns Over Reinstating Power

icy electricity linesThe extreme cold in Texas and the loss of two power stations caused some customers to lose their energy service.  However, when it was time to bring customers back on-line, the power companies had to bring customers back on-line one line at a time.  While this was great for the customers who were brought back first, there were many who had to wait hours before their electricity was restored.

This worrisome trend in power outages has Texas wondering if it can afford to have another power shortage or outage.  Entergy is the energy provider in question, and they are looking at changes to their processes to ensure that every customer can be brought back on-line safely.  However, these changes can only do so much.  There is still a large demand for energy when the temperatures are so low.

While outages can be avoided through conservation of energy by customers, there is no guarantee that the power companies can keep up if another outage hits.

Beware Of The Latest PG&E and CPS Energy Email Scam

Beware of the email scamIf you’ve ever gotten a bill from Pacific Gas and Electric, but you don’t have service with Pacific Gas and Electric, then you were solicited by one of the newest scams out there.  Customers are being sent fake bills and correspondence from PG&E asking for personal information in a new scam that has hit the marketplace.

The Better Business Bureau has been receiving complaints about PG&E and CPS Energy in San Antonio.  Therefore, the scam has been passing through the South of Texas for a few months.  Customers must beware of the construction of emails that seem phishy.

If the email states that the customer:

  • Is about to lose their service,
  • Must enter personal information into a form,
  • Or must submit an extra payment to keep their power on,

the customer is likely being targeted by one of these fraudsters.  Consumers are encouraged to be on the lookout for scams and be guarded with their personal information.

Be Thankful You Are Not A Customer Of Xcel Energy

Not again!Texas customer of Xcel Energy can expect a rate increase in their next bill.  Over the last 18 months, Xcel Energy has invested over $350 million in new power lines, stations and generators.  Because of this, Xcel believes it needs more income to help continue with its expansion.

The agreement that has been proposed would raise the average power bill by $10.94, but that would bring an extra $52.7 million to the Xcel Energy coffers.

Xcel has asked that the first rate increase happen March first while the remainder of the increase would happen in June.  This means that half of the rate increase would happen during the hottest part of the year.

Even though the rate increases are forthcoming, Xcel is still one of the cheapest energy solutions around.  They consistently rank low in customer pricing while providing energy to millions in and around Texas.  Perhaps their expansion can help more people get lower-cost energy.